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Floating hydraulic chuck


Three jaw strength floating hydraulic chuck、Two claw strength
Floating hydraulic chuck

After pulling type hydraulic chuck


After the chuck、Inclined column chuck、After pulling in
Chuck、Within the inclined column chuck

Three jaw hydraulic chuck(In the
Empty、In implementing)


Three jaw in implementing hydraulic chuck、Three jaw high-speed hollow
Hydraulic chuck

Automatic indexing chuck


Quarters、Three equal parts、High speed type、Centering type、Strong type、Additional type、Center type


Chuck around


TType of block、Hard claws、Soft PAWS、Connection plate

Large hydraulic chuck


Large travel three jaw hydraulic chuck、Big trip
The second jaw chuck

Hole hydraulic chuck


Hollow hole hydraulic chuck

Two hydraulic chuck claw(In the
Empty、In implementing)


The two claws in implementing hydraulic chuck、Two claws high-speed hollow
Hydraulic chuck

The rotary cylinder


Hollow hydraulic rotary cylinder、In implementing hydraulic rotary
Cylinder、With hydraulic valve in implementing hydraulic rotary cylinder、Belt
Signal in implementing hydraulic rotary cylinder

About cole


Zhejiang cole bo machinery co., LTD(Was established1997Years),Located in the automobile and capital——Zhejiang yuhuan,The company is mainly manufacturing power chuck、Automatic indexing chuck、Strong floating chuck、After the inclined column with chuck、The rotary cylinder、Machine tool fixture、Vertical spline rolling gear machine, etc:Is a collection research and development、Professional in one company。Products with its energy、Efficient、The advantages of high precision;Become a CNC lathes and vertical machining center and automation machinery processing production line equipment ideal。

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